Teenage Pregnancy Campaign

The women of Winner Group have identified that underage pregnancy is one of the largest problems in their community causing a cycle of poverty. Young uneducated parents cannot be in education and therefore have few prospects in life. This campaign aims to reduce rates of underage pregnancy in the Kloto District in Togo. The main activity is a project to be carried out by Winner Group which includes a launch event, sex education teaching/discussion groups in 10 schools .

Women’s Leadership Project 2019

We are currently fundraising for a project to address the large gender imbalance found in leadership roles in Togo, focussing on 10 villages in the Kloto region. It aims to provide support and training to individual young women as well as make systemic changes in community governance. This will be done by means of:

  • Media training for Winner Group
  • A widely publicised launch event
  • 100 young women receiving leadership training and mentoring.
  • A women’s leadership forum
  • Training for 10 local community development councils culminating in creation of a gender equality action plan for each village.
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation workshop
  • Production of project film