About Us

We are a small group based in Machynlleth, mid Wales. We support the work of Winner Group who are a grass roots women’s group based in the village of Agome Yoh, near Kpalime in Western Togo. See www.winnergroup.org . They work to address self-diagnosed problems in their local community related to gender inequality and poverty.


Our link to the Winner Group began in 2012 when Nick Bard was travelling in Togo and met Marie Ametepe, Winner Group’s President. Nick was struck by Marie and the Winner Group’s courage, motivation and dedication to stand up, speak out, and try to change things locally. He has been supporting them financially since 2012, mainly by organising regular music concerts and with sponsored walks.

GET SET Wales formed in 2017 as local people learned about the Winner Group, through Nick and the concerts, and were moved to contribute. Being a constituted organisation allowed access to larger grants and we funded an underage pregnancy project in 2017-18.

In 2018 GET SET Wales applied to the Charities Commission to become a registered charity and this required changing the name to Gender Equality Togo. Since 2012 we have funded Winner Group projects addressing issues including domestic violence, ethnic and gender discrimination, underage pregnancy and sustainable income generation.

The video below was made as a part of a sustainable income generation Winner Group carried out in 2016, learning to make artisanal palm oil for the local market.